• 12Jan

    Reading this article, made me send a facebook message to a friend who is also a graphic designer. I am completely disillusioned with the industry. It has incrementally moved from design to programming and data management. AI won’t do us in…things like Canva and Adobe templates will. Who needs a designer when there are such easy things to use? I liken it to desktop publishing days. But that was much simpler. And what’s happening now will just beef up more.

    I am not a programmer. Nor do I want to be. And I don’t want to run in the hamster wheel that is digital marketing. It’s not even a hamster wheel because it doesn’t last that long. It’s all become so superficial and fleeting.

    But I’m glad I found this article FROM 2019. It has made me truly realize that I want to take a deep, focused dive into work that I do. I’m ready to throw in the graphic design towel. But what next?