• 08Aug
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    A woman in an SUV parked diagonally across two parking spaces at the dumpster, so I couldn’t park near it.

    There was a small group of people who were sitting in a circle of folded chairs chatting and laughing. They’re now having a summer supper outside on a long table under a tent.

    I saw two neighbors outside chatting while their dogs did the alpha dog dance.

    I wonder if bunnies get lonely.

    I wanted to find a heating pad like mine with aut-shutoff, but couldn’t, so I got one with a timer instead.

    Five Guys was packed tonight as I drove past.

    I wonder what’s going to be in the space where SuperFresh closed.

    There’s a great article in the Wall Street Journal today about art under dictators.

    These are the things I didn’t have anyone to tell today.

  • 02Aug
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    I was visiting my old elementary school. Claire and Sue both were teaching there. And other people I knew, or used to know, came in to do some substitute teaching. I remember thinking, wow, all these people I sort of know, working together as teachers. One was Mark…. I can’t remember his last name, from elementary school. I basically just sat in on the classes. But at one point we were outside sitting in the grass while recess? was going on. We were smoking, or some of us were. I talked to a teacher, that I used to have. She smoked, too. At one point I was walkiing down the hall behind Sue. The kids hanging out in the hall were high school age. Sue passed them, then a girl moved over to block my way. She said we’re always tellling them to speak up, that at some point, Sue was doing something with her pants, as if she was fixing her underwear, but then put a video in her pants. I didn’t really understand, and told the girl that. She said “she stole it!” I told her I’d talk to Sue.